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Guest Author: Kimberly & Jerry Peterson

Some of the Obvious Trends

  In the winter you have the RVers who want to escape the cold and snowy climates, many migrate to the warmer climates such as Arizona, Texas and Florida are among the most popular. In the summer RV travel expands over the entire United States with so many popular spots.


Traveling in the winter in the United States In Arizona, there would be Yuma, Quartzsite, Phoenix and Tucson, just to name a few where you will find many RVers enjoying the warm days and cool evenings. This part of the country warrants many to spend the winter due to the climate and all the activities that is available for any person to make a part of their day. Seasonal work is also in abundant supply in many different aspects of living since the campgrounds and parks are at their peaks. There are also many other opportunities that might fit into your situation, the retail business is booming, as well as Spring Training being in the area where you can partake in or find employment.

Florida is also at the top of the list for many RVers for wintering. The weather, though very moist is warm and there is so much to do around this state as well. The park rates are much higher as the other “Winter” states are but this too can be alleviated with working or volunteering at them. The wide variety of sight seeing adventures here can keep you very busy while staying for a few months avoiding the snow and cold.

Another popular venue for wintering would be in Texas, here you have a wide variety of areas to explore and settle in for a spell. The weather is also very nice during the winter months but there are areas that get a lot of moisture and are colder than other above mentioned states but it is still a hot spot for spending the winter months. The opportunities here are endless as well since there are many ranches to hang out at or even stay on the Gulf of Mexico for a nice location.

Even though California has year round great weather as well, it does not seem to be among the top “Go To” States for the winter that you hear many “Snowbirds“ talking about. Quite possibly because of the very high cost of living. The camping fees are the highest we have seen, along with gas prices more than anywhere and food at the very high end but for sight seeing, this state is among the best. Driving up the coast, visiting the many different areas as you go from San Diego up the to the Redwoods can be a very memorial trip.

US summer travel Some Summer Hot Spots

  The Midwest thaws out just in time for many RVers to enjoy the breathtaking drives through this wonderful part of the USA. Most seasons are from Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend with other holidays in between. Many folks try to rush the season and arrive late April, early May or stay longer, well into October if the weather cooperates but to RV in the middle of winter here is not likely.

Having the advantage of the four seasons can add to the experience in these areas but very short lived since each season only last a few months before moving on to the next. The clearing of the snow and cold with springtime groundbreaking brings fresh new flowers sprouting all over that make for excellent photos. The Fall colors are also so breathtaking and worth the extra time spent in these areas.

Another area for summer RV traveling would be in either the Northwest or Northeast. Both areas also get very cold in the winter but have some outstanding sights to see during the peak season and should be traveled. There is so much beauty to see in the “Big Sky” in Montana that should not be missed. What we imagined it to be like was amazing, then to actually view those skies with our own eyes was beyondFall RVing in the US words. We have also heard so much about the Northeast, including Maine and plan to visit there soon. Again, we know that as spectacular as we think it will be, will not even compare to the actual time we travel into this area and view it ourselves.

That is what continues to be the best part of this lifestyle, reading about a great place to visit and then doing it. We are so grateful every mile that we finally made the decision to stop thinking about RV traveling and instead getting out here and experiencing it all for ourselves and then being lucky enough to share it with all of our readers.

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