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Guest Author: Kimberly & Jerry Peterson

Every time you write a review on you are sharing your opinions and experiences with others. Your reviews should be fun but informative and whenever possible try to include the following information:

  1. Date of Visit - Include the month and year of your visit.
  2. Rate Paid - Round this off to the nearest dollar.
  3. Any Discounts Accepted - If you used any or noticed any discount clubs, coupons or certain days or time of the year when the charge is less expensive include this in your review.
  4. Friendliness of all Associated with the Establishment - Include any communications with managers, owners and workers that stand out.
  5. Amenities/Facilities - Was there a pool, game room, beach or anything that added to your experience?
  6. Cleanliness of Establishment - Was there clutter or organization?
  7. Any Other Important Information - Anything you may have noticed that may be interesting to take note of and include.
Your reviews will help other travelers and by simply following these guidelines you will cultivate a reputation of somebody that others can depend on for an informative review.
  1. Explain in detail. Details can make a review, don‘t just list facts. Try to provide helpful information that’s not subjective. Opinions and preferences vary from one person to another, you will need to explain why you feel the way you do about the establishment. Tell us why your opinion is what it is, keep it clear, well organized, and to the point.
  2. Be constructive when describing your experience. Even if it was your worse experience, name calling or rudeness is not necessary to get your point across. Tell your experience in a way that the readers will understand why you feel that way.
  3. It’s not always easy to be objective. Even an establishment that disappointed you can have something positive going for it, try to acknowledge the pros and cons. Your personal experience will always weigh in on your review but try not to allow it to sugar-coat or cloud your judgment.
  4. Write with your audience in mind. Consider what a fellow visitor would want or need to know about this place if they were considering visiting.
  5. Put yourself in the review. Tell us where you’re coming from. Readers want to know if you are a seasoned in this area or if this was your first experience. Do you have a personal connection to the establishment and be sure to compare this place to others if it fits into the situation.
  6. If you have special needs that were met. If they provide special accommodations for the handicap, pets, or any other things that were out of the ordinary.
  7. Wait until your visit is complete. Then explain why you chose this place, give us all the reasons you made this choice.
  8. Would you return? Answering this question in detail will be the best part of your review. Let us know if there is a personal connection to this place which warrants your return or is it just that it is such a great place.
  9. Spell check and use proper punctuation. That includes periods at the end of sentences. Don’t forget the paragraph breaks. Never write in ALL CAPS.
  10. Post your photos. Photos are worth a thousand words. Parks will only post their best sides in a photo but we as guests can post their not so good sides if we find any.
  11. Whenever possible include a link to their website. This is a great way to ensure if any changes have occurred since your visit that will reflect on their webpage. Phone numbers, hours, rates and any other pertinent information that may influence the choices.
  12. Update your review. Even if nothing changed from your previous review…the reader is unaware that you continue going back to the same place time after time unless you write one for each visit.
Relax, have fun with this helpful tool that contributes a way for others to enjoy the great things in life.

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