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Guest Author: Kimberly & Jerry Peterson

How Do You Stay in Touch?

In today’s advance technology times, it is so easy to stay in touch with loved ones while still exploring this beautiful country. So now it’s choosing which ones are right for you without sinking into the “Gotta Have It All” trap that is out there.

We all have different needs and what we consider to be necessities, just last month we spoke to a couple who do not travel with any sort of computer, for us it is a necessity and what we call our lifeline to the world. Check out the many other ways to keep in touch while on the road and then make your own decisions for what you feel is needed while on your journey.


While on the road there are plenty of pay phones that you can use to keep in contact but is not a convenient way for them to contact you. Another means of phone communication could be using the business phone where you may be working at the time, this option is frowned upon by some employers except for emergencies, so this also may be limited. We choose to have cell phones, with them being so affordable nowadays it’s hard to be without one. Not only do you have the ability to use it anytime, of course anytime you have available service that is but you can also use it to text messages. We hardly ever text but many people choose this way to keep in touch with one another.

Internet Service

Almost as much, if not more of a necessity for us is our laptop with Internet service. We use an AirCard with our cell phone provider, this way we are not dependent on campgrounds, libraries, coffee houses, or hotels for our Internet service and there are many other types of service to choose from as well. Many places offer free WiFi, so as long as your laptop is setup (which most newer ones are) you can connect to the Internet using their WiFi connection. The Internet can keep you in touch by sending emails to loved ones and by adding a Web Cam you can actually see them live right on your computer screen. The Internet also allows you to keep in touch by watching the news, getting weather updates and local traffic conditions, among many other means of communication available via the Internet.


While on the subject of Internet, we will need to address blogging or your own website, We have had our own website from the moment we came out here and have since found daily blogging to be a great way to keep in touch. Journaling daily or at least weekly can be beneficial to many, not just keeping family and friends updated on our journey but it also allows others to read about our experiences and learn from them or give us their advice.

Snail Mail

Postcards as a way of staying in touchRegular mail services, sending letters, postcards, and packages is also a great way to keep in touch while on the road. Nearly ever town has a post office or some sort of mail service store that if you are not in any hurry to send or receive items could be convenient to use. Because this form of communication has become a bit slower than other forms, people refer to it as snail mail since it could take days, weeks or months for your mail to catch up with you.

Satellite TV & Radio

These amenities are definitely not the greatest way to keep in touch with loved ones but they will keep you updated on the local and worldly events. There are times while traveling for days we have lost touch with what was going on in the world so we tuned into the TV and/or Radio and were able to get caught up in no time at all.

Whatever Form of Communication You Use

There is always a convenient way to keep in touch with the stationary world while you are on the move. With the technology advances at an all time fast pace, they will continue making it even more convenient for us travelers to be able to keep in touch. Our suggestion is to research before you go out and buy every new contraption that is available on the market, some may definitely be a necessity for you but others may just be a convenience that you truly can live without.

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