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Guest Author: Kimberly & Jerry Peterson

Choosing the right one for you should not be difficult since there are so many readily available. Many of theses gatherings have scheduled events, others you can wander at your own pace and some even have a little of both, something for everyone.

Rallies are usually planned events with a shared interest, such as sporting events, entertainment venues, National Clubs, RV Manufacturers just to name a few. We researched a NASCAR Rally and the cost was slightly higher then if you attended the event without the group but it did include some meals and other freebies that you would not receive otherwise. Socializing is a big part of these rallies and even if you tend to be more of loners as we are, there is still a certain quaintness about them that offer a variety of activities.

When looking for seminars, vendors, dealers, entertainment among many other things, then attending the many different types of shows are for you. They are available year-round and located throughout the country, some have become very popular and have grown in size over the years and others remain small and very personable. They all usually provide you with all the latest and newest gadgets that you just can’t live without. A word of caution to the full-timers, remember you have limited space in your home on wheels so do not over indulge.

If you enjoy traveling in your own RV but do not like being on the road alone, then Caravans are a good way to go. They have it all planned for you with a “Wagon Master” and a “Tail-Gunner” to pick up the pace if you fall behind or to assist you if you have a breakdown. These caravans usually take you to places like Mexico and Alaska but also offer many other wonderful destinations for you to sit back, relax and not worry about where you are going next since this detail is already handled by them.

Any of these gatherings are a marvelous way to meet new people that have similar interests and also offer yet another avenue to gain experience about this wonderful lifestyle of RVing. We hope all your roads, whether they are the highly traveled one’s or the less traveled ones are always paved with wonderful stories.

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