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Guest Author: Kimberly & Jerry Peterson

Quartzsite RV ParkQuartzsite, Arizona is considered the "Meeting Place" in the winter for thousands of RVers. License plates from many of the western states and many more from the eastern states and then several from Canada reveals that they are coming from all over North America ... but what is bringing them all here?

Researching this lifestyle prior to actually doing it and living in Arizona for almost 20 years, we knew of Quartzsite. Experiencing it for ourselves the first time went way beyond anything we could have imagined. It was our first year out here, very green, still only packing a tent, we were so envious and in total awe of the thousands of rigs of all shapes, sizes and styles, we caught ourselves many times just staring with our mouths wide open in total amazement.

Now this time around, being seasoned pros and all, we were able to relax and take it all in and really check out what all the big hype was all about. (By the way, that was just me being facetious, the one sure thing we have learned is that there is no such thing as a seasoned pro in this lifestyle since change happens around every corner and you never know what the next adventure will teach you.)

Quartzsite, Arizona RV ShowOh, The Shows...
We know the shows are big draws, there is one for everyone, there is a Rock & Roll Classic Car Show, a Hobby, Craft and Gem Show, a Sports, Vacation & RV Show, RV Dealers and many of the RVers are vendors themselves. Some have some really great setups that they tow behind their rigs, others rent tents where they exhibit all their neat stuff for sale, it’s a huge Swap Meet. We had a hard time passing up some of the fantastic deals but being in the full-time lifestyle does not allow for collecting stuff any longer.

All This Land and More
The cost for full hook-up sites are very inexpensive here, especially in comparison to the Phoenix, Arizona area, for what you pay for a month in Quartzsite, might get you a week in Phoenix. Now there is a big difference in the amenities, for the most part, there aren’t any amenities at most of the parks in Quartzsite. Just a flat, level site where you get water, electric and sewer. No pools, no frills, no laundromats (but there are plenty in town). Then there is also plenty of BLM land located all over the area where boondocking is free, with plenty of places in town offering free dumps and water for your use.

What’s Here?
There are several local restaurants, some good and others not so good, they also have a few of the chain types, Dairy Queen, Subway, McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Junior, and several gas stations. There are no big chain grocery stores, only two very small local shops for groceries and we did see one Church, not sure of the denomination.

Boondocking outside of QuartzsiteWas That Snow?
Not since they began recording in 1959 has there been any snow ever recorded falling in this area. The winter’s are highs in the 60’s and lows in the 30-40’s. It’s understandable why this place is deserted during the summer months, with the highs reaching well into the 100’s

Where are the Kids?
They are a rare sight around here, seeing a handful of them if you’re lucky. The first time we were here, we had our grandson with us, he caught so much attention, he usually does anyway since he is a very soulful child that everyone seems to gravitate towards. Wise beyond his years and a very handsome, polite boy, we are only a bit bias about him but also because seeing a child here is very rare. Mostly retirees, which for the most part is still a highest percentage of RVers living out on the road.

Once May Be Enough...
We arrived after the “Main Event” when camping prices go down even further and the crowds are less but even so this town is pretty full and will continue to be such for quite awhile still. It may not be for everyone, it’s really not our type of place to hang out any longer than a week, but one thing for sure, if you are ever in the area, you really do need to stop by for awhile, just so you can say that you have experienced Quartzsite.

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