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Guest Author: Kimberly & Jerry Peterson

This would mean, snail-mail, also known as postal mail, not email which is immediate.

In this time when RVing has become so very popular, receiving your mail is no longer a quandary and the variety of ways to receive it can satisfy anyone’s preference. Here are a few of the more popular ways of receiving your mail.

US Postal Service (USPS)

US MailWe had a Post Office Box (PO Box) for many years prior to ever becoming a full-time RVers so we just kept our box and then if we are in a place for an extended period of time, we put in a “Temporary Change of Address Card” with the dates we want this service to take place, this is not available for more than 6 months at any given time which has never been an issue for us. It would get challenging if for any reason you choose to leave this address suddenly, it may take weeks for mail to catch up with you and that is why we take another route. We choose to have our mail bulked and sent to us by “General Delivery” to a post office where we will be or passing by during that specified time. This usually takes only a few days so we have been able to plan it accordingly without a problem.

You can also give someone you trust your mailbox key and they could sort through it and only send the important stuff which would cost a bit less then having all of the junk mail sent by the postmaster as we do it. Our yearly cost is less than $100 which includes our box and all the general deliveries we have sent to us, there is no charge for temporary forwarding your mail.

Mail Forwarding Providers

There are mail forwarding services that forward your mail to you wherever you are located. Many businesses in the RV industry have this service, such as Good Sam and Escapees, among the most popular. There are also stand-alone companies that provide this service exclusively.

Basically it works very similarly to how the USPS works, they give you a PO Box, which in most cases is not a physical place as ours is with the USPS. Your mail is delivered, then it is setup by you how often you want it bulked and sent to you, this can be changed as your circumstances change. The charge for this service is quite a bit higher than USPS charges, especially the initial cost for set-up and in our opinion does not offer anything more to justify this higher cost.

Internet Mailing

This is fairly new procedure which sounds very interesting. This concept offers you a PO Box and their staff opens your mail, scans it and emails it to you and you can choose whether to have them send it to you for a small charge or you can read it and dispose of it at that time. As for checks for those that do not get directly deposited, they are currently offering through only one major bank resource at this time a direct deposit of all checks. It is our understanding that it is setup for the company to be able to deposit your check into your account by having you digitally sign it. This was all new to us but after researching it, this may be a good way to go and it was not that expensive, one concern for us was having to give up our regular PO Box, we have had it for so many years now but things change and we may need to let go so that we may advance into the next phase of our lives.

Package Delivery

Junk mailHaving a package delivered by any of the delivery companies is an easy task by simply following these simple rules. If you know the package will arrive before you do at the campground, call them and give them this information. Otherwise, write down your name, site number, expected arrival date of package, and give it to the campground office. This gives them a heads-up and has a less likely chance of the package being denied by the campground if they are aware of your delivery.

Reduce Most of Your Mail

The easiest way to eliminate much of your mail is to set up all your bills as “paperless” and receive notices via your email account. Also, many of the magazines, and RV informational stuff can be read online which really reduces much of your junk mail. This practice not only saves a tree that saves our planet but also saves you money by not having your mail sent to you as often.

Anyway you choose to have your mail delivered is getting easier every day since this lifestyle is expanding all the time. So research them all and then decide which way will be best for your needs and as always, be safe and we hope that all your miles are stamped with happiness.

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