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Garden Home Park

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Portland, Oregon 97223
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Local attractions

Local Attractions


Historical Sites

Albers Brothers Milling Company
Ambassador Apartments
American Apartment Building
American Can Company Complex
AnnandLoomis House
Arminius Hotel
Auto Rest Garage
Ayer-Shea House
BalfourGutherie Building
BallEhrman House
Ballou & Wright Company Building
Bank Of California Building
Barber Block
Bates-Seller House
Bedell Building
Belle Court Apartments
Benson Hotel
Beth Israel School
Biltmore Apartments
Bishopcroft Of The Episcopal Diocese Of Oregon
Bishop's House
Blake Mcfall Company Building
Bretnor Apartments
Broadway Building
Broadway Hotel
Brown Apartments
Buck Apartment Building
Burke-Clark House
Buyers Building
Calumet Hotel
Calvary Presbyterian Church
Campbell Hotel
Campbell Townhouses
Canterbury Castle
CardwellParrish House
Central Building
ClarkeMossman House
Clyde Hotel
Commodore Hotel
Concord Building
Corbett Brothers Auto Storage Garage
Corkish Apartments
Cornelius Hotel
Cotillion Hall
Couch Family Investment Development
Cumberland Apartments
Davis Block
Day Building
Dayton Apartment Building
DigmanZidell House
DurhamJacobs House
Eastman-Shaver House
Electric Building
Elks Temple
Elm Street Apartments
Envoy Apartment Building
Equitable Building
Eugene Apartments
Fairmount Hotel
First Congregational Church
First National Bank
First Presbyterian Church Of Portland
First Regiment Armory Annex
First Unitarian Church Of Portland
Franklin Hotel
Frigidaire Building
Fruit And Flower Mission
GastonStrong House
GiesyFailing House
Gilbert Building
Grand Stable Building And Adjacent Commercial Building
Hamilton Building
Harlow Block
Harmon-Neils House

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