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Outdoor World - Sea Pines Resort

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1535 US Route 9
Swainton, New Jersey 08210
Phone: 609-465-4517
Website Website:
Reviews and ratings Reviews: 4
Avg. Rating: 1.5 stars1.5 stars1.5 stars1.5 stars1.5 stars
Photos Photos: 1
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Reviews and ratings

Customer Reviews

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1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Outdoor world not what it used tp be
I have been a member since 1997 I do not like the changes whe we first bought no outsiders were allowed. Why should us members pay dues when people can come off the streets and only pay $15 dollar s more than me also the fact that at sa e pines most of the units are no longer available to rent what's that about . I along with several friend of mine are considering filing a class action suit anyone interested cane mail me there are strength in... Read More >>
2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars Mainentance
I asked 3 years ago for someone to repaint the shuffle board lines on the ground and still has not been done. The old lines and newer lines are two different sizes so u can't tell if u score or are line the newer lines are also old. The leaves get pushed to the side not picked up like they should be. The rules of the pool are not followed and no one is there to check up on kids swimming alone. When Mike was there he would come to the pool and... Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars I will never go back
The bathrooms were dirty and good luck finding a 3 pt hookup. This place really does not have much to offer ...we went out a couple nights and got back real late and ended up with a $32 fine because they said we left our trailer unattended to long ...when I asked the ranger to show me the rule that said you could be finned for being away from your trailer to long ...he could not show me any rules or anything that said they could fine you...but... Read More >>
2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars Not a Happy Camper
The bathrooms are dirty. The streets are not well maintained. The leaves are either not picked up or pushed to the side. Hard to find 3 point hookups. Now you have made at least 16 3 point hookups season on site spaces. I have a membership and I am afraid I will never find a three point hookup even though I make a reservation and thought I was entitled to a site that I would be happy with. I'm not a happy camper. Read More >>
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Posted: 9/3/2011
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