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Lake Laurie Campground

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669 Route 9
Cape May, New Jersey 08204
Phone: 609-884-3567
Website Website:
Reviews and ratings Reviews: 7
Avg. Rating: 1.1 stars1.1 stars1.1 stars1.1 stars1.1 stars
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Reviews and ratings

Customer Reviews

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1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Miss managed
We had stayed last year and found it to be very average, needing some updating but we don't need much so it was no big deal for us. This year we went down for the same holiday weekend, was escourted in, they brought our fire wood to us and helped me back into my site, not to bad. Well the site we were in had been recently dug up for plumbing issues and was very uneven with very soft sand. The street was muddy from another plumbing issue, and... Read More >>
2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars Maybe.......Maybe not - from
Okay, we are seasonals at Lake Laurie... and well to be honest we've seen better.. yes, we have traveled to the other campgrounds in the area and they are better managed, cleaner and well better organized. The management at Lake Laurie is untrained and completely unprofessional. The staff can be seen drunk at the pool and drunk at their campsites hosting parties well into the night. I have personally witnessed the incompetence of the management... Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Bring your poison ivy killer and special shoes for the bathrooms - from
Not much privacy as the sites are packed one on top of another. To make things worse, they have the RV campers and the tent campers all in the same locations. All of the RV campers keep Christmas lights on through the night - hard to sleep with bright lights coming in the tent. People are loud at night as well. The bathrooms and showers are private which is nice, but people leave them so dirty and track dirt in. Bring disposable shoes! The staff... Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Absolutely terrible - from
Absolutely terrible since the new managers took over. The one person who wrote a good review must be the manager. Bad roads, faulty electricity, orange water! Just ask some of the seasonals when you get there. They all dislike the new manager. Too many stupid rules, For example, You are allowed one specific registered car on your site. If you bring a car in place of the one registered, you are charged $75.00. Some people, including myself, have... Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Enter At Your Own Risk! - from
I really didn't like anything about this campground! I don't know where to start on what I didn't like! Let's start with Check In at the Security Guard Shack. No one had a clue what was going on. They gave us the wrong parking pass, forgot to return my drivers license and handed me a paper to sign with the rules, but I didn't have a chance to read the rules? Then the rest of the Staff don't have a clue what is going on, but they stand in the... Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Not a good place to be - from
I have been a seasonal camper at Lake Laurie for several years including pre Morgan Management. This will be my last year. I am not happy with the present people running the place. They are rude and unprofessional. The overall condition of the campground is poor and not well maintained. There are many dead trees that are in danger of collapsing on trailers. In fact one did this season, totally destroying a trailer. Many requests to remove trees... Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Horrible worst camping - from
Everything is broken, dirty, no service, ugly worst camping experience. Read More >>
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