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Steamboat Landing RV Park

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13849 Steamboat Landing Road
Milton, Delaware 19968
Phone: 302-645-6500
Website Website:
Reviews and ratings Reviews: 4
Avg. Rating: 2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars
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Reviews and ratings

Customer Reviews

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1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Stay Away
very rude owners - was there 17 years and was treated like crop the whole time - stayed only because we had too much money invested to leave-ignorant people, out only for themselves, poorly kept -playground a joke! Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Don't waste your time or money!
This place is run by the rudest and most unfriendly woman on earth-nasty to everyone! So many ridiculous rules. A pool that closes at 4 every day and is even closed 1 day a wk. Very noisy!Playground is about 100 yr old. Don't go here! Read More >>
1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars Stay Away
Management couldn't manage their way out of a wet paper bag. Spend 3 years there and regret giving them a dime. The pool is a joke and the list of rules take longer to read than actual time swimming. the pool attendant is a prison camp guard! Extremely unfriendly! Save your money and goto Cape Henlopen where they treat campers as guests. Read More >>
5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars Perfect location
Clean well run operation - located within short distance by water to some of the finest fishing on the eastern seaboard - flounder, black drum, sea bass... Read More >>
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